WWII in the Balkans : The Actual History

Miloslav Samardžić (autor)

WWII in the Balkans : The Actual History
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This book references facts that until now were inaccessible in English. There are several reasons for that state of affairs. First, non-Serbian researchers rarely made use of local archives because of the language barrier. Second, as a practical matter, when referring in their books to events that took place in the Balkans, they were limited to the sources at hand. That was primarily the version systematically disseminated by Communist Yugoslavia in the translations of its authors’ narrative into the English language. T

hird, initially at least English-speaking authors did not necessarily find that regime-inspired version awkward because it was their countries’ governments that helped undermine the democratic system in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Hence, the message of this book is exceedingly simple: let’s start from the beginning!

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Izdavač: Pogledi; 2017; Broširani povez; latinica; 21 cm; 152 str.; 978-86-81014-00-4;