Of Heroes and Men

Marko Miljanov (autor)

Of Heroes and Men
1584 din
Stara cena: 1760 din
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I speak as I can.
It is my wish to describe some heroes and men I have known, or heard about. Begrudge me not my lack of skill, since I’ve never had the formal schooling for such a task; I’ve never had a teacher, and began writing only in my fiftieth year. Yet I write not out of vanity, but out of the need to honor the memory of many valiant men gone to dust, yet immortal of soul and deed.
And though Truth shimmers above their graves – I, among others being in their debt – few people are aware of it. But, will I be able to bring them to life with these notes of mine? For I want to inspire the youth to remember our great men and save their deeds from oblivion. I hope

our issue will also distinguish themselves by following their forbears, who renounced Darkness by rushing to help our oppressed brothers and sisters!

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Izdavač: Balkanija; 2020; Broširani povez; latinica; 21 cm; 283 str.; 978-86-89881-12-7;