Wireless : the life, work and doctrine of Nikola Tesla

Branimir Jovanović (autor)

Wireless : the life, work and doctrine of Nikola Tesla

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“We are living in an age of unprecedented technical achievement leading to a more and more complete mastery of the forces of nature and annihilation of time and space. But this development, while contributing to our comfort, convenience and safety of existence, is not in the direction of true culture and enlightenment. On the contrary, it is destructive of ideals… The real cause for the fall of nations is the inability of mankind to solve the SOCIAL, MORAL and SPIRITUAL problems. So long as the struggle for existence is such that only the fittest can survive, there is a healthy development under the sway of individualism.

When reaction sets in the individual are eliminated, original effort and initiative suppressed and the creative faculties impaired, the race gradually lapses into savagery and perishes. A similar end threatens our present civilization.“ – Nikola Tesla

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Izdavač: Vulkan izdavaštvo; 2017; Tvrd povez; latinica; 27 cm; 320 str.; 978-86-10-01832-5;