Nikola Tesla : The Life and Inventions of a Genius

Aleksandar Marinčić (autor)

Nikola Tesla : The Life and Inventions of a Genius
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Nikola Tesla was an extraordinary and intriguing scientist, whose inventions and thoughts have made a fascinating contribution to the development of human civilisation and the quality of everyday life. It is not an exaggeration to state that Tesla‘s inventions in the field of electrical engineering have been embedded deeply into our lives and have had a huge influence on the modern world. He was an ambassador of alternative current and the inventor of polyphased generators and motors that spearheaded the distribution of electricity and enabled unimaginable growth of applied technology. T

esla’s wireless devices were many decades ahead of his time and his dreams of wireless transmission of energy continue to intrigue our imagination and still present an unresolved challenge for the scientific community.
Just as the world will wait a long time for another genius such as Nikola Tesla, we will forever miss the author of this book, Professor Aleksandar Marinčić (1933 – 2011), a full-time member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts and an extraordinary insider and expert in Tesla‘s work. He was an exceptional scientist, a distinguished university professor, long-time director of the Nikola Tesla museum in Belgrade, and an outstanding educator whose expertise, dedication, and generosity influenced the professional development of many generations of students. “Nikola Tesla – The Life and Inventions of aGenius“ represents one of Professor Marinčić’s latest and most important publications dedicated to the great Serbian-American scientist, physicist, engineer and inventor who shaped the twentieth century.

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