Belgrade Tourist Guide

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Saša Predojević (autor)

Belgrade Tourist Guide


“The sky above Belgrade is wide and high, shifting, yet always beautiful; even on clear winter days in their icy splendour; even during summer storms when it turns into a single gloomy cloud which, driven by a strong wind, carries the rain mixed with the dust from the Pannonian plain; even in spring when it seems that it also blooms, along with the land; even in autumn when it grows heavy with swarms of autumn stars. Always beautiful and rich, as a compensation to this strange town for everything that is not there, and a consolation for everything that should not be there.

(Ivo Andrić, Serbian Nobel laureate)

If you would like to learn more about the city on two rivers, the city which represents the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe, the city which had been conquered and liberated many times, demolished and rebuilt, the city of exceptional beauty, filled with historical and cultural monuments, then we have made the Belgrade Tourist Guide just for you.
The format is very practical, so you can take the Guide with you, wherever you go. Within each ambient whole, you will find a map which will help you to easily get around. Everything you should see is marked on the map. The Guide has a modern design, vivid colours, and all the necessary information, which are given very clearly and chronologically, and supplemented with numerous vivid photographs. This is one of the finest editions that are currently on the market. For visitors from all parts of the world, which chose Belgrade as their tourist destination, the guide has been translated to English. But that is not all, we went a step further. Everyone who purchases the Guide will receive a multimedia disc as a gift. The CD contains a shortened version of the Guide in Serbian, English and German. In this way, using your computer in a home atmosphere, you can get to know the city and enjoy in it, while listening to pleasant music.

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