The Curious Case of Other Minds

philosophical and psychological approaches to social cognition and theories of autism

Ljiljana Radenović (autor)

The Curious Case of Other Minds

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Ljiljana Radenović"s book The Curious Case of Other Minds: Philosophical and Psychological Approaches to Social Cognition and Theories of Autism deals with the problem of other minds that, in a somewhat different form, arises in the field of philosophy as well as psychology. Its main objective is to clarify the basic metaphysical assumptions about the nature of the human mind that are common to a variety of philosophical and psychological theories and examine the implications they have for our understanding of autism.

The combination of philosophical and psychological aspects of the problem of other minds and the application of theoretical positions to the phenomenon of autism is what makes this book particularly interesting. With this book the author manages to enrich the traditional philosophical debate about other minds with the relevant empirical findings. At the same time, the author demonstrates that the Wittgensteinian approach to the mind, when compared to the Cartesian and behavioral approaches, provides a better starting point for our understanding of the development of our psychological capacities. In this way Dr Radenovic"s book represents significant scientific contribution to our philosophical and, more broadly, intellectual environment.
Dr Živan Lazović

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Izdavač: Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu; 2015; Broširani povez; latinica; 24 cm; 136 str.; 978-86-6427-013-7;