Old Age - a short story anthology by contemporary Serbian authors

Old Age - a short story anthology by contemporary Serbian authors
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The short story anthology, Old Age, is conceived as an attempt to offer answers to a series of questions which inevitably arise about this topic: What does old age mean to us? What do we expect from old age? When do you actually get old? What about the fear of old age? The wish to return to youth? The con?ict between young and old? The greatest time of our lives? Old age as joy or as sadness? Resisting old age? And especially: When does a writer grow old?
We were especially drawn to the question of when an author grows old, or rather if they grow old at all, or if among writers that is something not related to the aging of the body but the aging of the soul.

Regardless of how these texts are exposed to the reader’s attention, they con?rm the exceptional narrative skill of young and younger generations of modern Serbian prose. The reader’s curiosity and interest in modern Serbian prose will thus be amply rewarded by the reading of this collection. - David Albahari and Srđan V. Tešin

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Izdavač: Geopoetika; 2018; Broširani povez; latinica; 20 cm; 228 str.; 978-86-6145-305-2;