How we survived communism and even laughed

Slavenka Drakulić (autor)

How we survived communism and even laughed

Perhaps the greatest appeal of How We Survived Communism lies in Ms. Drakulić’s skill at blending provocative analysis with the texture of everyday life: a young girl’s awe before a luxurious foreign doll; an Eastern European’s envious amazement at the workings of the American phone system and painful bewilderment at the vast poverty in New York... A thoughtful, beautifully written collection. (New York Times Bok Review)

Ostali naslovi koji sadrže ključne reči: Hrvatska književnost
Ostali naslovi iz oblasti: Pripovetke

Izdavač: VBZ; 2013; Broširani povez; latinica; 20 cm; 194 str.; 9789533045542;