Memorable encounters
the famous, fascinating, and ordinary people of the Serbian diaspora

Branko Mikašinović (autor)

Memorable encounters
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Appropriately subtitled “The Famous, Fascinating and Ordinary People of the Serbian Diaspora” Mikasinovich’s latest book Memorable Encounters delights us with a compilation of vignettes, insights and views of some of the extraordinary characters, “movers and shakers” and just plain regular people he has met, interviewed or dined with the past five decades after his arrival as a student in America from his native Serbia.
Among the people interviewed are a Nobel Laureate, a Crown Prince, a billionaire, a singer popular on both sides of the Atlantic, a former spy and many others. Some of t

he names you will recognize and others you will not but each short encounter is a story to be remembered and shared.

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Izdavač: Čigoja; 2021; Tvrd povez; latinica; 24 cm; 141 str.; 978-86-531-0669-0;