Living brands : of brands and why they come to life

Chris Farmer (autor)

Living brands : of brands and why they come to life
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Addressing those hard-to-answer questions that lead many brand managers to change careers, Living Brands takes a no-nonsense view of what brands are, what they mean to us, and why we need them so much.
The brand, according to Chris Farmer, is a living thing. It is an entity endowed with all of the attributes of a human being. It has a personality, character, attitudes, and feelings. And we give our brands all this and more.

With long experience in brand sales, marketing, and communications, he has authored numerous blogs on communications and branding and is the author of two other books, Grumpy in Belgrade and Grumpy in Belgrade: The Prehistory, light-hearted observations of life in Belgrade, which has been his home since 2002.

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