Biological, Functional, Orthodontic Models
the role of crushing forces in changes to the supporting tissues of the teeth in malocclusions

Nevenka Mrinjek (autor)

Biological, Functional, Orthodontic Models
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The monograph Biological, functional, orthodontic models is the result of many years of scientific research by well - known researchers from different areas of human activities.
We examined the beginning of masticatory cycle in humans. First masticatory movement, crushing of food, when the greatest force is used. This was done under the conditions of physiological functions of human organism with clinical experiments, examinations and analyses, as well as the laboratory analyses, and part of it experimentally checked in the laboratory.

The condition of the supporting tissues of the teeth was obtained by clinical investigations, by using different kinds of indices, measurements and radiograph data. The same was used to obtain the condition of the supporting teeth tissues for every tooth of the whole dentition for every subject. Thus we got the condition of every tooth in the dentition. Clinical and laboratory experiments were applied in order to obtain the attacking points of forces action that we got with ST on masticatory surfaces of mandibular molars and premolars and their antagonists which differentiated themselves as biofunctional orthodontic models.We obtained the differences in the attacking points and the magnitude of the action of the forces on the investigated teeth, according to the groups of orthodontic classification of the subjects, as well as the differences of the condition of the supporting teeth tissues.
During the investigation we obtained the attacking points of forces action on the teeth crowns which are dominant in relation to the whole surface of the teeth used in food crushing.
In the introduction and in the review of literature we also give a historical overview of the development of the present state of the supporting teeth tissues, malocclusions and the investigations of the forces of the stomatognatic system in humans.
The results of the investigations are properly presented and the conclusions are documented in the section about the results of the investigations.
The monograph contains 44 original color photographs, 57 diagrams and 3 tables.

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