Time of Cold War - magazine Limesplus 2013
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Time of Cold War - magazine Limesplus 2013
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The new edition of the magazine LIMESplus gives the studious insight in the intriguing and significant period of the recent history. The Cold war is treated as a global phenomena, from the aspects of the countries of the former USSR, Germany, Finland, SAD, as well as the countries of former Yugoslavia and Balkan....

Technology of conflict
Geopolitical Realignments
Art of the Survival
This Limes Plus issue emerged from the international conference Challenging the Shadow of the Iron Curtain with a general thought that such comparative Cold War studies dedicated to urban culture and the everyday life should contribute to a sharper insight into the character of our post-communist and post-conflict societies. Especially in this particular case, as the Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav disintegrating forces, still tend to keep out of the current European and regional integration process, while being still vital and resilient. And it’s a rarely mentioned assumption that approaching the Southeast modern European civilization implies convergence with the Eastern Europe, primarily comprehending its Cold-war realities. (Nikola Samardžić)

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