The English Word

O. Mišeska Tomić (autor)

The English Word


The book is about the form and the English word in general, and the English word in particular. Though it raises issues of a general theoretical interest and discusses topics which have been in the focus of attention of the most influential contemporary trend in linguistics - generative grammar, it is written so as to be as autonomous as possible and presupposes little previous exposure to the study of language. On completing a course based on it, students should be well aware of the descriptive problems in contemporary study of the word, and should have a grasp of the analytical tools with which they can be handled.

Ostali naslovi iz oblasti: Domaća izdanja na engleskom , , Filologija i lingvistika

Izdavač: Futura publikacije; 1998; Broširani povez; latinica; 25 cm; 298 str.; 86-7188-010-9;