Novi Sad - Heaven on Earth

Novi Sad - Heaven on Earth
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Books still occupy on the pedestal of the most significant witnesses of the recent anddistant past, even in the era of technology and the domination of the online digitalenvironment, which is overwhelming us with unnecessary information, at the detrimentof useful and valuable stories.

In the opinion of the citizens of Novi Sad from the bygone days, it is precisely the bookthat was the crucial factor that transformed Novi Sad into the Serb Athens, i.e. the localLeipzig, Venice, Paris or Amsterdam. As a debt to meritorious ancestors, through thecontribution of values for descendants, today too we can best enlighten the entire worldabout Novi Sad through a book.

As local proof that the IT galaxy will not destroy Gutenberg’s – we proudly present thebook The New Story of Novi Sad, which, also in its English translation, is profiled as thesumma poetica of the spiritual, historical, political and cultural junctions that areembedded in the foundations of this city.

This work was edited and published by residents of Novi Sad, Sava Damjanov and LidijaMustedanagić, authentically bringing history to the reader and successfully bringing tolife Novi Sad through the centuries.

Just like through the town gates that are open wide – today and in perpetuity – as wellas all the bridges in Novi Sad – both the actual ones and the ones that survive only inmemories – through this truly open book it is also possible to visit Novi Sad.

Strolling through this anthology, enjoying the numerous testimonies,private and public history of the town and its residence,the reader will immediately recognise that the most beautiful Serbian city on the Danube,since its earliest days, had the desire and potential to one dayrightfully become (and remain!) the European Capital of Culture.

Srđan Orsić

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Izdavač: Agora; 2022; Broširani povez; latinica; 21 cm; 305 str.; 978-86-6053-358-8;