Legends of Old Sarajevo

Vlajko Palavestra (autor)

Legends of Old Sarajevo
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Vlajko Palavestra (1927–1993) was head of the Ethnographic Department of the Regional Museum in Sarajevo. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb and he received his PhD from the University of Belgrade (1965), with the thesis Folk Legends of the Old Population in the Dinaric Regions. In addition to questions from the domains of ethnology, folk literature, cultural anthropology, folklore studies, onomastics and toponymics, he took interest in the origin of the population of Bosnia and Hercegovina and in the historical sources of folk tradition and legends in the Dinaric regions. H

is last book, published under the title Historijska usmena predanja (Historical Oral Tradition, Sarajevo 1991), was in fact an introduction to an extensive collection of popular legends that resulted from his thirty-year-long fieldwork. Comprising almost a thousand pages of notes and commentaries, this collection, entitled Historical Oral Legends in Bosnia and Hercegovina, has remained unpublished after the author’s death during the siege of Sarajevo.The book Legends of Old Sarajevo, translated into English by Mario Suško and William Tribe, and after an expert analysis by Dr. Hatidža Dizdarević-Krnjević, was published in Sarajevo by Husein Tahmičić, Izet Sarajlić, Miroslav Toholj, Josip Osti and Stevan Tontić, for the occasion of the “Sarajevo Days of Poetry” in 1987.

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