Belgrade, Cultural Treasury

Branko Vujović (autor)

Belgrade, Cultural Treasury

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Belgrade Cultural Treasury represents and endeavor to gather all knowledge of Belgrade"s past into one place. It aspires to present the city"s cultural and historical heritage, its space and town planning structures, its own specific charm, as well as individual monuments and educational, scientific, cultural and artistic institutions. The desire is to portray all the spiritual values and cultural wealth this city now has to offer the inquiring mind. Richly illustrated, hard cover.

Ostali naslovi koji sadrže ključne reči: Beograd
Ostali naslovi iz oblasti: Antologije, monografije

Izdavač: Medija centar Odbrana; 2004; Tvrd povez; ćirilica; 24 cm; 513 str.; 86-7547-068-1;