The Invisible Comics
the alternative comics in Serbia 1980-2010

Radovan Popović, Aleksandra Sekulić (autor)

The Invisible Comics
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What is the specificity of this exhibition and this publication which allows us to describe them as a sort of screen broadcasting live from the world of invisibility? It is an experiment: an attempt to present a dynamic, intensive and peculiar production of comics outside the scope of its usual presentation model and distribution network. We will try to delineate a principle according to which its history has been structured as a part of one or several cultural systems and which has provided a continuity of the production that can be labeled a culture of enthusiasm.

Such an overview will expose representation levels, roles and potentials of alternative/authorial/independent comics that have assured its invisibility.

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Izdavač: Narodna biblioteka Srbije; 2011; Tvrd povez; latinica; 24 cm; 127 str.; 978-86-7035-232-2;