Dictionary of the Khazars (the female edition)

a lexicon novel in 100,000 words

Milorad Pavić (autor)

Dictionary of the Khazars (the female edition)


Yugoslav writer Pavic assures us that the Khazars were a nomadic people who settled near the Black Sea in the 7th century A.D. "But their origins remain unknown and all traces of them have vanished." A thousand years later a Polish printer incorporated surviving knowledge of the Khazars into a dictionaryalmost all copies of which were burned by the Inquisition. Pavic"s interlocking series of witty and fantastic tales purports to update that edition, but by now all "facts" about the forgotten nation are doubly conjectural.

As if the truth weren"t problematic enough already, Pavic has even produced his lexicon in "male" and "female" versions differing by only a few (highly significant!) words. This congeries will delight readers of Borges and Calvino, although libraries will need to buy both editions to satisfy them.Grove Koger, Boise P.L., Id.

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Izdavač: Dereta; 3. izdanje, 2007; Broširani povez; latin; 21 cm; 342 str.; 978-86-7346-629-3;